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So I joke about it being quiet and then don't post for 24 hours Nate has been a bit of a fuss bucket.
Originally Posted by bai18176 View Post
Lots of laundry, and I canned 15 jars of strawberry jam, oh and did the dishes for the first time in about four months! And now I know DH CAN do dishes, lol!
Yay for jelly! We only canned 6 jars of jelly this year. Since we have to move all food on our own dime we don't want a whole pantry of jars to fit in the van. We will probably do a batch of salsa but not much else.

Bumbo - dh used it twice with ds1. I never used it. He slouched so much. Then it either got lost or I gave it away with our last move.

Speaking of losing things, Nate is in 3-6 months clothes (yay! But aww ) and I am missing two of my favorite onsies. I am so frustrated. I know I saw them in this house...

As far as swings go... I wish Nate liked the swing! Sometimes I am the only adult and I need two hands. I would have no guilt about using a swing. And really, I personally don't like cooking and nate-wearing. so even when Nate is in a wearable mood I rarely use the stove and "wear" him.
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