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Well, sometimes I feel like its swing, diaper change, nurse, swing. I try to hold him and he screams unless he's latched. I try to give him tummy time or playmat time and he hates it. I try to wear him and he arches his back and tries to flip out. What am I supposed to do? Tried the Moby today and he did the same thing as the boba - arch his back away from my body. He doesn't do the whole 'head on the chest' thing.

He was being alright so DH kept him and I got to bathe DD and spend a little time being mom to her. He looked like he was going to pass out, so I got ready for bed and now nursing and he looks wide awake. Hopefully not long.

This was his last day in a week of getting lots of mom time cause DH goes back to work tomorrow and life of 1 caretaker and 2 kids resumes.

6 week dr appt tomorrow for me. I'm 7 weeks but whatever.

Oh, pain is gone nursing. Either he adjusted how he uses his tongue or the 6 week growth spurt made his mouth bigger. We'll never know. Now if he'd only believe in happiness off the boob, we'd be set
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