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Re: Chat Thread ~May 26th - June 1st!

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
Speaking of losing things, Nate is in 3-6 months clothes (yay! But aww ) and I am missing two of my favorite onsies. I am so frustrated. I know I saw them in this house
Oh that's annoying! We had a few things that went missing when we moved here - I finally found the bag in the storage room under the stairs last year (5 years after losing it)!

I'm with you on the with baby growing. I can't believe how fast time is going and how big Piper is getting all ready. I am loving that she's taking a bit longer than the others did though She's gaining weight, but I guess not getting longer like the others did (she is, just not as quickly as they did I mean), still fitting in all the same clothes she's worn since birth, just filling them out more. I know it won't be forever though!

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
Tried the Moby today and he did the same thing as the boba - arch his back away from my body. He doesn't do the whole 'head on the chest' thing.

Oh, pain is gone nursing. Either he adjusted how he uses his tongue or the 6 week growth spurt made his mouth bigger. We'll never know. Now if he'd only believe in happiness off the boob, we'd be set
Argh, I think that's what Piper doesn't like about being worn sometimes - she wants to hold herself off my chest, so she can look around - nosey chickie

I'm so glad the pain is gone for you! Don't care about the why, really, just glad it's gone!!! Hopefully the pain being gone + his nursing and some pumping will get him more content
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