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I've been reading through all the threads trying to catch up. As far as using the swing...totally use it if it helps! Fussy babies are soooo hard. Nova is starting to get a bit better during the day where she isn't crying the entire time she is awake.

As for baby liking being worn, Nova isn't happy in our carrier at first. She will scream and arch her back. But I've found a way to settle her down almost right away. I basically do step aerobics--step up a step, then down, then up, etc. It's tiring, but it works. I discovered it when DH was gone last week, and it's the only thing that will consistently calm her down. Then once her eyes start to get heavy or once she is calm, I walk quickly around the house with an exaggerated bounce, almost like a jog. Nova doesn't like her head against me all the time either unless she's fast asleep. Our Bamberoo wrap tai has a headrest, so she can lean back. Here is the position she likes to be in

And a few were talking about froggying legs. I really don't like that position, so I always do legs out from the beginning. If you have a mei tai, you can cinch the bottom narrower using a ribbon or string. In this pic, I am using the chest strap to cinch it, but it's the same idea (see the very bottom between her legs):

In our Moby, I have to hold her head because she likes it away from me. Once she is asleep, I tuck her head in. I never do the cradle position; I'm always scared about positioning the head wrong and restricting oxygen. Plus, I've never found it comfy.

Tummy time--I've never done it with my girls. They walked at 8 and 9 months, so their muscles obviously developed fine without it. They both were worn at least 4 hours a day though.
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