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Re: BF in public. How do I deal?

Originally Posted by tennesseemom
So, I guess I need to figure out a way to nurse more discreetly. I tried throwing Emma's blanket over us, but she likes to grab onto it when shes eating and pulls it right off.

And how do I get comfortable with covering up? Do I cover up first and THEN put Emma to the breast or vice versa?


You do NOT need to learn to nurse "more discreetly". BAH!

You don't need to become comfortable with covering up.

They are a a PED office, for chrissake!

Does your state happen to protect BF in public?
If so, i would carry around a card with your states law on it, to give to anyone who truly harasses you.

For people who are just annoying, like the nurse, quite firmly say, "no thank you, we are fine right here. " or similar. With a regular person, I'd just leave it at that.
with a supposed HEALTH PROFESSIONAL,. I'd also add in something like "of course I'm nursing, your supposed to nurse, it what's best for babies, right?" and then act like THEY are the insane ones for not being more supportive to begin with. Enjoy making THEM blubber and blush.

Or, if you are a little more daring, tell them where exactly they can go and what they can do there.

Great job, momma!
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