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Advice needed ASAP :)

I really could use some links or advice about a vax related issue sorta.
My DD got the chicken pox vax and got the booster this past Jan. Her cousin has chicken pox. I would love to be able to put them together so maybe DD would get a natural immunity to it also. However I was just thinking that I thought I read something about her getting Shingles not chicken pox if I do this!
Please advise asap what you know. I am running out to get DH from work real quick and will be back. We want to get them together tonight but if she will get shingles instead I won't do that. Even if the risk is slight.
I am kicking myself for letting her get the vax at all and worried about her getting it later in life.
Anyway any advice would be greatly appreciated.

****Never mind with the incubation period it would hit when my mom is coming into town! Which would not be good. So we are waiting. According to my PED she wouldn't get shingles. And my niece has had the vaccine and still got them. lol Maybe her brother will get them in 2 weeks or so and then we can try DD on it. I would rather it be a natural thing and no more shots then worrying for the rest of her life because of my stupid mistake .
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