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NFP help

We are not ttc (yet), but I'm wondering if this could mean that I'm pg...

Ok... so, I started taking my temp this cycle to help give me a little clearer understanding of what's going on (I use a system of nfp that only charts cf). I bought the tcoyf book used from someone yesterday, but I don't have it yet, and I'm confused. Here are my temps starting from the first day of peak-type mucus:

98.24 (little to no fertile mucus)
98.13 (no fertile mucus)
98.54 (no fertile mucus)

I talked to a friend over the weekend who said you're looking for at least a .2 degree rise over the past 6 days. When I got the 98.24 after what I would consider my peak day, I assumed that's the spike I was looking for (especially since there was a slow rise over the past 6 days). It was also the highest temp I had seen over the entire cycle. But, this morning I jumped up again, and pretty significantly. Does that mean I actually ovulated yesterday, or does your temp jump up at conception? We did, ahem, dtd on the 98.24 day (with protection).
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