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We also have reflux... DD is a 28 week preemie. I've only BF her a few times because it was just difficult. She has been given only breastmilk and the additives the Neonatologist prescribed. When she first came home we used little disposable bottles and level 1 nipples. Once she was eating more than 3 oz, we had to buy some bottles and I went with Dr. Browns. They are supposed to reduce gas, for us it seems the more gas the more reflux. She didn't always have spit up, usually it was arching in pain about 1 hr after feeding. I also like the Dr. Brown because you can get them BPA free plastic or glass!! there are plastic parts, all BPA free and you have more to wash, but for us they've been great. Now that she's starting to grab the bottle herself, I may look into something different. If you don't hold the Dr. Brown at a particular angle, it's hard for baby to get milk out. Hope this is not more confusing for you. The biggest thing for us with reflux is keeping her upright during feed and for at least 20 min after. good luck!
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