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29 weeks over here. Lots of icky little annoying sickies over here. Really bad sinus infection last week, now lots of nausea, tummy troubles, and fatigue. Too many little complaints. Makes me feel whiny. Still paring down the boys toys from
Christmas and picking up a few things for the baby (gave a lot away over the last year--d'oh!).

Hubby is just now starting to be open about talking about our birth options, but I'm still expecting RCS. I think I can push it until the 27th (a little over 40 weeks), but I'm considering pushing for a later date. Just uncomfortable evicting the little guy since my other two wanted to bake so long. And it will likely be my first c/s without laboring for quite a while first. I just don't know what to expect.

Trying to figure out bc for after the baby. What are you ladies doing? I don't do hormones, at all, but hubby wants to do something more than FAM/condoms this time. He is pretty certain he's at his max with three kids, but not so certain he wants either of us sterilized just yet.
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