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Re: Lil Shamrocks - January chat

As much as I love the holidays, it's always a little refreshing to get back to a "normal" schedule. I purposely didn't do much baby prep prior to Christmas....I wanted to enjoy myself without that added pressure (there's enough to do in December!) Now I'm feeling a little under the gun as I have done almost nothing to get ready. I have several crucial items to buy (like a carseat) and some rearranging to do in the house and then maybe I'll feel more prepared. I'm really hoping to go the full 40 weeks, mostly to avoid having kids share birthdays.

Had my 30 wk appt last week, so I'm 31 wks now. Measuring ahead (like always) and I feel like a whale...can't bend over well or get out of a chair gracefully. I'm very proud to say, though, that I've kept my weight gain in better control this pregnancy. I've gained somehwere between 28 and 32 lbs so far, depending on the scale and the day, which is waaaaay better than the past 2 times (65 and 75 lbs, respectively. Ugh.) Overall, feeling good!

Happy mama to my 4 handsome boys
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