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Originally Posted by canadianbakers
Any weekend plans?

MIL came last night. DH and I are going to town today - definitely for lunch, not sure what else. He said something about groceries
I'm debating calling for an appt for a hair cut - I really need to get rid of some hair. It's really thick, and right now it's half way down my back... very heavy. I like long hair, but after a while the weight of it starts giving me neck pain and headaches. Actually, thinking about that, I wonder if that's more the reason behind my constant neck pain/kinks and headaches the past week. Der! Shoulda thought of that before, lol!
I'd like a cut about this length

And, yes, my hair would go that crazy all on its own :P
I'm kinda jealous! My hair is in between curly and straight, so if I ever do anything to it, it has to be like a full-on style that takes me an hour. If I just leave it to dry it looks awful... Wavy in all the wrong places, frizzy (we have super high humidity)... Just ick. And this pregnancy is NOT helping at all... Now it's all that AND greasy by the end of the day.
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