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really dissapointed and sad and upset.. needing advice on what to do.

so.... i went into pre term labor today. My husbands military pay has been messed up for so long now that we have blown through our saving to pay the bills that we cant afford because he is not getting proper pay... ( they keep twiddling their thumbs instead of fixing it) now im down to one more paycheck till she is here IF i can keep myself rested to not go into labor again... and im freaking out. not only do i still need CD's but i have NO CARSEAT!!!! i was so set on taking coming home pictures in the true fit carseat with the butterflies from walmart as this is our first girl.. but because im a parent with no more time to try and buy it im needing advice on how to get a free carseat till i can afford one of my own. Is their programs like that? im in the Pheonix area if that helps... i dont know how to go about it or where to look. any ideas mamas?
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