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Re: Anyone considering vasectomy an option?

Originally Posted by Made of Fleece View Post
Thanks everyone for your input, doesn't sound like any family has had regrets. We've only got 2 kids, and my husband is much older, and I'm happy saying, this is our family, we have 2 kids, which is why we're entertaining the snip. But... and this might sound silly... but my big fear is that somethng horribly awful will happen to one of our 2 babies and then we'll think, oh, very sad, let's make another baby to make up for the one lost. Werid, I know.
Don't feel bad. This was my thought process when I was pregnant with DD2. I wouldn't let DH go get it before we had her because I kept thinking if something happened to this baby, we would want to have another. We would not want just one child. Since having her that thinking has gone away but vasectomies are reversible. It may cost $10,000 but it is reversible. There is also adoption which we have always wanted to do anyway. Or that is our line of thinking when we start going through the what if's.
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