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The Tiny Panda...Dragons, Overall's, Cocoon's, Hat's & More!

Welcome to The Tiny Panda! My name is Jennifer and I have been knitting & crocheting since I was a child & the last 4 years I have gotten even more into it. Most of what I do is knitting however I do crochet some things and I also hand sew felt covered snap clips and felt busy books. There will on occasion be sewn things offered (chalk mats, wipes & a few other things), these items will be sewn by my husband (yes he sews!). I will on a rare occasion have something instock but for the most part everything is custom. I do have some yarn instock and I also accept YYMN (your yarn my needles). If you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to get you answers.

Sizes and prices are in the second post
Instock when we have it is in 4th post

I do like trades very much so please check out my iso at the bottom of the post. Thank you!

Foggy Mountain Coverall's -pattern by Bottomstoppers (more pics here)

Cocoons - pattern by The Tiny Panda (more pics here)

Longies, Shorties & Skirties - pattern by The Tiny Panda (more pics here)

Molly Bubble Romper - Pattern by Elizabeth Daugherity (more pics here)

Hudson Hats -pattern by Family Roots (more here)

Rose Hat - pattern by The Tiny Panda & inspired by the Joyful Cloche pattern by DaKine Knits (more here)

Be Joyful - pattern by DaKine Knits (more here)

Ribbed Brim Beanie - pattern by The Tiny Panda (more here)

Rolled Brim Beanie - pattern by The Tiny Panda (more here)

Ky Baby Ear Cozy Hat - pattern by Family Roots (more here)

Icord Headbands - pattern by The Tiny Panda (more here)

Rolled Cuff Baby Booties - pattern by Nicki Alexander (more here)

Dragons - Pattern by Dominique Cordero
(more here)

Dinosaurs - Pattern by Dominique Cordero
More pics here

Gnomes (more pics here)


I do trades! Check out the ISO/IHA link in my siggy
The Tiny Panda
like us on facebook! We make Dragons, Woolies, Hats, Cocoons, Gnomes & More!
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