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Loss/Losses before this pregnancy?

It seems like I've read about quite a few losses on here, so I thought it'd be interesting to see how many mamas have had a loss or more than one loss before this current pregnancy. Also, it would be great (for me at least) to have a place to share our stories.

I'll start...

We found out we were pregnant (after 2 days of being super sick) on 6/23 & told everyone on 6/24. We had a loss in between my DS & DD, but figured why not share the news? I'm typically super sick & withdraw from all activities & everyone starts guessing anyway.

My sickness went away over the weekend & by 6/29 I started cramping & bleeding. On 6/30 I passed the baby. I was so scared of the pain & recovery because my previous miscarriage was more painful than labor & I bled for 6 weeks after. I asked everyone I knew to pray for no pain & a quick recovery. God was so good to answer our prayers. I had very minimal pain & stopped bleeding after only 6 *days*!

The OB I saw the following week, to be sure everything was okay, said if I had actually been pregnant (which I *know* I was!) it was probably a chemical pregnancy because my uterus looked completely normal. But she still advised me to wait 3 months before trying again.

We obviously didn't follow her advice & got pregnant 2 weeks later!

I am so thankful for all my babies (my 2 living & my 2 in heaven & my 1 (or 2!) growing in my womb) & can't be happier that God chose to bless us, even if it was only for a few weeks here, we will be together for eternity. <3
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