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I did no-pooing for about two months. I am really sensitive to most sulfate and paraben free shampoos so I gave it a good try. Unfortunately it gave me super bad dandriff or something. No matter how much I scrubbed I would get flakey, greasy, itchy scalp. The last straw was when I was showering with DS and he got some vinegar in his eyes. I felt like the worst parent ever that day.

Right now I use some random shampoo bar from my health food store. It takes me for ever to wash my hair now, but I only wash it about 2-3 times a week. My hair stays nice and curly with much less frizz! And I have gotten it in _my_ eyes and it didnt send me into a painful rage.

Honestly though, I havent been anywhere where I really cared how my hair looked since I got pregnant. If its that bad I throw on a headband and braid the rest... So needing some energy!
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