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Would it be rude to send this to all of DS's grandparents and great grandparents? I'm just so sick of the plastic, annoying, flashy toys. Also, we love in a tiny house and don't have room for a million toys.

I would like to ask all you grandparents to please not go overboard shopping for Brendon (well for our family in general really) if you plan on shopping for him at all. He already has everything thing he needs (as do we) and plenty of toys and with all the stuff he got at his party I'm not sure where we are going to put everything in our tiny house. I don't know if you have already gotten his gift, but if not, a swing, slide, or sand box for outside would be awesome so we don't have to keep it in the house. As far as inside toys go, we really prefer simple and/or wood toys over flashy, noisy, plastic ones. We are trying to offer him toys that provide open ended, imaginative play opportunities, will not over stimulate him, and will last awhile. Wooden blocks, wooden train sets, a shape sorter, a simple xylophone, drum, or maracas, balls (he loves the pokey, sensory balls), books, a wooden pounding bench, a rug with roads printed onto it, and wooden cars or trucks are all good things. I am really not trying to sound ungrateful or rain on your parade. I still want you to have fun shopping, and we will appreciate anything you get him. I just thought I'd throw our preferences out there for future reference and in case you needed ideas.
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