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Re: Anyone else with Gestational Diabetes?

I had it in my third pregnancy. The only thing I really hated about it was being 'monitored' so closely. It felt like the people at the dietician clinic/office thingy treated me like a child. Not only did I have to check my blood 4x a day (not a biggie), but I had to call in all my numbers (to an answering machine) every Tuesday night and then when I'd go in for appts (every 2-3wks) I'd have to bring my meter and they'd download all the numbers from it and go over them (y'know, just in case I lied when I called in my numbers) - it was lame. The diet and the monitoring my blood sugar wasn't too bad - though it did often leave me feeling hungry. It was nice getting a head start on losing weight before he was born though. I ended up losing more than gaining in my last trimester.
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