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Sick Kids!! (vent)

I am so frustrated!!!

We've been in the process of packing and moving out of our house for the last 2 weeks...and wouldn't you know, the kiddos have both gotten sick!! First it was some virus that made DD extremely feverish with earaches and just plain wiped out. That is technically still going on as I've heard it takes a good 2 weeks to run it's course. DS has also picked this up.

To add to it, this morning DD woke up with diarrhea and vomiting issues. This virus has also been going around our area. Needless to say this has put a huge kink in the moving process. Plus today was to be our last Sunday at our church and we were to have a "goodbye" luncheon and now I'm here at home with my sick kiddo.

Sorry, I know it's part of being a Mom and I'm not upset about that. It's the amazingly horrible timing that's so terribly frustrating!! We're at the "what else could possibly go wrong" point.

Thanks for letting me vent ladies!
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