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Re: Anyone with 3 or more losses in a row and then success?

I have ICSI to get pregnant because of issues with DH and myself. DS was conceived on our first round, and an easy pregnancy. We were shocked when we then had 6 loses in a row. I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant and really have my fingers crossed.
We've had lots of tests and although we know it is immune issues with me, there is relatively little they can do to help, I've taken the steroids and blood thinners and now it's just fingers crossed. But even though that was sorted I still managed to get slapped cheek (parvo virus) at around 14 weeks!
I personally feel we're just going to keep on trying again and again, I know we will get there in the end. But i really hope this time it's it! People do think we are nuts for continuing to try, but I'm not ready to give up quite yet...
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