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Re: Does this sound like separation anxiety (sleep)?

There is a sleep regression around 2 and it generally deals with anxiety and parents often having to stay in the room while the child falls asleep. I have no practical experience with this one as DD has not gone through it. I suppose we have more time, she's just turned 2, but let's hope not.

A lot of parents do the whole 'sit in a chair' while the kid falls asleep and slowly move the chair closer to the door, then eventually halfin/halfout of the room and then not staying there at all. It's an option - I don't know if it would work for you.

Some of the rest of the things sound semi normal. For instance, DD skips naps all the time. Well, it's on average 1-2x a week and she's fine for the rest of the day. She's not in a crib though, so she actually gets out of bed and reads her books and plays with her toys and I allow it. I call it 'quiet time' and practice for when she gives up naps altogether. She can't often skip too many or it catches up with her.

She also gets into this whole 'no cuddles, no hugs, no kisses' tantrum sometimes at bedtime or even naptime. We just lay her in bed, give her kisses and tell her to have a good night.

You might think about moving bedtime if she's resisting constantly. 7-7 is about 1 hour longer than DD sleeps. She goes to bed at 8 and well, these days, is up at 6:30. Of course, not every child needs the same bedtime, so it might not work, but I cannot imagine trying to put her down at 7 - my DD is not sleepy enough for bedtime that early. Only you can be the judge of that for your daughter, but I'd consider it.

Another thing - do you ever put the stuff back in her crib after she throws it out? I would not. If DD throws her bear (her lovey) off the changing table (yes, I still use one with a 2yo ) and starts screaming for bear, I make her say 'please bear' before I will get it. So atleast she knows she can't just throw things and then ask for them. Sometimes I will make her wait to get bear back until after the change is completed because she threw him - but that obviously wouldn't be what you'd want for bedtime.

I don't know if any of that helps, hope it does!
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