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Re: Does this sound like separation anxiety (sleep)?

Thanks all... It makes me feel a tiny bit better, having a reminder that this is normal!
Originally Posted by *KaiMom* View Post
Sounds like she's turning into a two year old
Sigh... yeah, this is coupled with increased toddler-isms the rest of the day. While she's awake it's either cute or "annoying but not really an issue"

DH does not function well when sleep deprived, but pitches in 50% at night. Her rejection of him at night is not helping things... he feels resentment, guilt, etc.

The "staying in the room til she falls asleep" is reasonably do-able and we have done it in the past. I'm just concerned that she gets dependent on it... she is now specifically asking me to stay and telling me to sit down.

I do generally toss the blanky back in the crib, and usually it's one toss and then she goes to sleep, but not lately. I don't hand it to her, though - I toss it over her shoulder so she has to bend down to get it (and hopefully stay down)!

We did chat on the issue at 430 this morning, when DD insisted that she was awake for the day, uggggh. DH is convinced that teething is still PART of the issue (she's been working on incisors and molars for so long it's just status quo around here) but it turns out that daycare has been letting her take 2.5-3 hour naps. Those need to be limited to 2 hours in our opinion - I think it's contributing to "I'm tired but feel like I just woke up" later in the evening. Maybe we'll push bedtime back a tiny bit.
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