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Re: Extended Breastfeeding

When I got pregnant with our first child my husband and I were talking about how long to breastfeed. His response was 6 months, definitely no longer than 12 months. 12 months being in his opinion longer than needed.

I didn't bring up weaning again. Our daughter finally weaned around 3 years 9 months. We did nurse in public until around 3 years of age. By then it was mostly just for bedtime or nap time. Our older son also weaned at around the same age give or take a month or two.

With our first 2 children I did get many,"When will you wean?" questions. With our third child I got some funny looks from my in laws when they visited last month and found our 18 month old still a frequent(12+times a day) nurser but they new better than to make a comment. My husband is under the illusion we weaned our older children closer to 2 years of age. I guess since he wasn't the one nursing them he just doesn't remember.
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