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Re: Homeschool Check In Feb. 1st--10th

RO55ANA--Uh, wow, that sounds awesome. And good for you for helping out other homeschool families--although personally I'm glad I don't need it because we don't have to do standarized testing here!

Shannon--Hope you little ones are feeling better soon. I wouldn't worry too much about school since they are feeling so yucky and so young anyway. Try to give them and yourself a break.

As for us--we are on day 3 of our new relaxed schedule. We still haven't done any of our MFW stuff. I have been having them do math (which comes much easier to them) and they have been reading me a few "I See Sam" books everyday. I've been reading to them a lot, and today they wanted to write a letter to their cousin, so they did that. And we went on a walk to look for signs of spring. If I can keep myself from freaking out about being "behind" I think we're going to hand out in this groove for a little while and see how things progress.
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