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Re: August/September Chat Thread

Originally Posted by orangepiggyslittledog View Post
I like Maybe Days too. I use to read it to my 2 oldest girls when they first came. They didnt understand the adoption part and were in denial that the parents did anything wrong so it was hard to get. I think they understand now.

We have a date Dec 12! TPR was done on the Kiddo in April on one parent and May on the other parent. We were accepted as the familly to adopt within 2 weeks of TPR. Between paperwork and what not we finally have a date Dec 12. We have not taken official placement of them...although they have lived with us for almost 2 years. But were told that will happen in Oct and can guarantee Dec 12 for adoption day. That is our county's Adoption day. We could do it in November but decided to wait and do it in Decemeber on Adoption day when they make a bigger deal out of it and more families are at the court house for the same thing! They are currently 2,3,5,and 6. It will be 2yrs in oct when they were placed with us.
We also have our own bio son who is 13. These kids already act like us and we often forget they are not biologically ours.
Wow awesome! 2 years is a long time. They told us that our case was going to be long, too, but no one can tell me what long means. I'm in Mi as well and I'm not sure if counties have different rules, I'm in Kent, but they said there was a huge lawsuit 4 years ago and one of the things is tpr needs to be decided by 12 months. We've had them 8 months and I still feel clueless of where we are in the case.
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