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Re: Kids' Thanksgiving me plan it!

We did this in my Brownie troop in elementary school and this is one of my favorite memories at this age!

We had chicken drumsticks, one each.

Cornbread muffins that we stirred and baked together, then each decorated on the top in "Thanksgiving theme" with frozen thawed corn kernals. I remember trying to create a turkey out of corn kernals, did not turn out as envisioned, lol.

Popcorn! We read a story about how the Native Americans showed up to Thanksgiving with popped corn in leather bags and so we had popcorn in "leather" bags which was just calico fabric that sorta looked like leather. We made the bags at the beginning of the party which were pre-prepared by our moms. They just did two rectangles of fabric inside out and poked holes with a hole punch, and then we threaded ribbon through instead of sewing and each made our own bag to be filled.

We did the crayon/leaf thing where we each brought a pretty leaf with us and then put a piece of paper over it and colored with the flat part of the crayon to make impressions. It was supposed to be taken home as a decoration for our own Thanksgiving at home.

We "spiced" pinecones by brushing decoupage over the pinecones and then shaking cinnamon on them.

I think this was second grade? I have really vivid memories of this, it was lots of fun.
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