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Re: Kids' Thanksgiving me plan it!

Originally Posted by Celeste View Post
I am hosting a little Pilgrim and Native American party, where the kids come dressed as one or the other. There will probably be 9-12 kids, ages 1-9, mostly in the 3-6 year old range. I want to have a little craft and serve a mini "feast". Anyone do this before? Should I cook a little turkey or just have sandwiches? I think it would be fun to do a turkey, but the party is the Monday before Thanksgiving, so we'll all be eating plenty of turkey that week anyway. And maybe have everyone who comes bring a side, like the Pilgrims and Native Americans did that first Thanksgiving...?

I think for the little kids, I will do a handprint turkey craft. But I think it will be too simple for the older kids (6 and up). There will be probably at least 4 kids who could do something more involved. Any suggestions?
We are doing this too! I looked up the accurate take on what was probably at the first thanksgiving. So we are having parents bring: deli turkey (rolled up), cornbread (cornmush was probably served, but this is at a library room and no kitchen to keep things warm), dried bluberries/walnuts, squash. I had thought about bringing smoked salmon for adults, but we'll see.... Anyway, for the dessert for the kids I am making our annual Candy Turkeys and Candy Pilgrim Hats.

For the craft we are making construction paper pilgrim and indian hats.
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