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I looked at the one downstairs and it is just too deep and too closed off to be much fun for DS. And to be honest, I really loved the idea of a plan toys one (I loved playing dolls as a kid so am looking forward to it!): We got the plan toys green dollhouse, and two families of calico critters (elephants and koalas). I am excited

I am convinced now to get a separate dollhouse/furniture and a few calico critters to go inside. Now I just need to decide which!

I have narrowed it down to four (ok, really five) options:
These two are the priciest, but I really love plan toys quality, and I like that it's modular. It's a little over my budget (particularly once the critters themselves are added) so if I did this I'd probably have to con my sister and parents into chipping in (which they would, as part of DS's present).
and suggested by iris0110 (I don't love the look of this one as much but it seems like a better deal). I'm a little concerned about the 'toy for kids who are gentle with their toys,' since DS is, well, a boy:

This one suggested by iris0110 (Thank you!) is also pretty awesome. It fits our budget a bit better. I tend not to like Hape as much as plan, but they're still a very good company, right?

This kidkraft one at costco is less expensive, still, and has a moving elevator. This one would be it except that it's very girly (which DH protested) and I doubt it's as sturdy as the previous three:

And finally, I realized we have an old dollhouse (no furniture or dolls) in the basement that was my cousins when she was little (I had forgotten about it until DH said, 'we have a dollhouse!'). I need to go down into the basement and look at what shape it's in. My recollection is that it's all wood (not painted) and is pretty basic in its layout (as in, two stories, both are pretty wide/deep, and they're just basically two rooms). I could potentially just furnish this for DS, but I need to look it over closely to check what condition it's in.

Original post:
Any one have them for their kids? Thoughts on their quality; comparisons to other 'dollhouse' type toys? DS never seems real interested in dolls, but we were at a local toy store the other day, and he played for about 20 minutes with a display of calico critters that they had (dressing them and putting them to bed, etc). He's 3. I was thinking about either getting him one 'family' for Christmas, or getting him the house 'starter' set that has tons of furniture and making it his big present (he hasn't asked for anything else recently that he doesn't already have, so no 'big' presents are on his list) -- how awful would it be if I get my son a dollhouse for Christmas?
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