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We had the big house that is in the gift set in your link. My parents got it for my daughter for Christmas last year. They didn't know it didn't have anything but the house in the box. So, we only had the house, no families or furniture for it that was that brand. Personally, I did not think it was well made. My kids broke the two halves of the house apart by accident. They were playing a little rough, but not throwing it or banging it or anything. It was up on the bed with a few other things because I was vacuuming. (We obviously don't keep it there.) The kids got up on the bed with the stuff and were gently hoping around on the bed. I say gently because they shouldn't have been standing on the bed and they were moving around, but they weren't all out jumping either. Hopefully that makes sense. In the movement of the bed, the house broke at the hinge in the center of the 2 halves where it would close up. I don't feel like I'm describing it well because it sounds like they were being really rough and they really weren't even though they definitely can be. Anyway, it can't be fixed. I was very surprised at how little movement it took to break it, especially with no one jumping on it or hitting it. And, I wasn't super impressed with the house before it broke. It didn't seem like it was a quality as I would expect for the price. I have no experience with the family or furniture pieces. And, mine is obviously the minority opinion. I hope your son enjoys whatever you decide to get.
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