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Re: Prego/TTC? Show me your "work in progress" Newborn Stash!!

Originally Posted by Weezieserp View Post
planning on trying to use inserts in the capri/ bummis and xs thisties (all have at least front flap) although everywhere i see suggestions that snappied prefolds are the way too go. Extra covers are to make up for having to wash them more. inserts are easier to get DH and grandma on board

working on a set of little fire crochet pants in wool (amy oholleran- ravelry). very lucky to have a nice friend who is finishing w her newborn stash and helped to supply mine.

Due 6 feb... now we wait!!!!
with my LO, first time baby in cloth and don't know anyone else who did it, I didn't really know what I was doing. We did a lot of inserts in covers. I had 10 fitteds & a couple AIOs that were newborn and a handful of covers, then we did inserts in covers... if you look at my amazon purchases. a few days after he was born I signed for the one month trial of prime (that was being offered at the time) and ordered like 4 more covers -- since this wasn't the plan

It happened because I looked at the lower weight limits of the diapers. So all the OS and smalls that were suppose to fit at 6 or 7 lbs I counted. My son was 8lbs 9oz and never lost an oz... he still needed newborn for a bit. So I got some emergency thirties duo 1 and used grovia boosters, thirties fab doublers. Joey Bunz and Thirties hemp in them.
Mom to LO#1 born 1/7/2010 (Cloth diapered since day 1; Part-time EC since 9 months; Daytime PL since 29 months; Nightime PL at 5.5 years) & LO#2 born 12/1/2013 (First diaper was cloth! Part-time EC since 12 months & Daytime PL at 26 months) Checkout my absorbency tests. Thoughts on how long a cloth diaper REALLY lasts. Thoughts on Yeast , here, here, here & here. How to Wash Wool & Sanitize Wool. Everything must go! Nighttime Trainers

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