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Re: Adopting a family member??

I found this for you on the Minnesota state website. It looks like you need a background check but not a homestudy or adoption study like they call it.
Subdivision 1.Study required before placement; certain relatives excepted.(a) An approved adoption study; completed background study, as required under section 245C.33; and written report must be completed before the child is placed in a prospective adoptive home under this chapter, except as allowed by section 259.47, subdivision 6. In an agency placement, the report must be filed with the court at the time the adoption petition is filed. In a direct adoptive placement, the report must be filed with the court in support of a motion for temporary preadoptive custody under section 259.47, subdivision 3, or, if the study and report are complete, in support of an emergency order under section 259.47, subdivision 6. The study and report shall be completed by a licensed child-placing agency and must be thorough and comprehensive. The study and report shall be paid for by the prospective adoptive parent, except as otherwise required under section 256.01, subdivision 2, paragraph (h), 259.67, or 259.73.

(b) A placement for adoption with an individual who is related to the child, as defined by section 245A.02, subdivision 13, is subject to a background study required by subdivision 2, paragraph (a), clause (1), items (i) and (ii), and subdivision
Subd. 13.Individual who is related."Individual who is related" means a spouse, a parent, a natural or adopted child or stepchild, a stepparent, a stepbrother, a stepsister, a niece, a nephew, an adoptive parent, a grandparent, a sibling, an aunt, an uncle, or a legal guardian.
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