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Re: Adopting a family member??

Originally Posted by misidawnrn View Post
most states don't require a homestudy for adopting a close family member and since he is your nephew that is close enough. Call an adoption lawyer in your town and ask them. I adopted my DD-6 from a surrogacy done by my sister and it was $600 total!
We had to do a homestudy and my DD is adopted from my sister. My sister is drug addicted and we got Sophia at birth. We DID have to do a home study. The laws have recently changed in a lot of states. Please make sure you get a lawyer and do everything legally. Family adoptions can get pretty ugly, (well it has in my case) and I know that if she wasn't legally adopted, my sister would take her back (she told me). If you want to talk more with me, send me a pm and I might be able to give you a little more inside to my story, and things you might want to try and avoid.
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