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Re: July 2013 Chat: Jan. 21-Feb 3

Originally Posted by cowangel View Post
Sorry I haven't been on much...I had the flu for a week - NOT fun! Finally better now though .

We won't get anything from family or friends this time around (maybe diapers, but that's a big maybe)'s #5 so everyone thinks you already have it all by then right? Otherwise, I'm 16 weeks and feel like this pregnancy is dragging by too. My nausea and vomiting have finally gotten a little better...only puking a few days a time vs. all day and able to do a lot more now.

We're team green so we won't find out what we are having - haven't even scheduled my big U/S though...I guess I'll do that at my next apt.?

DH starts his nursing job on Monday - he's super excited. I am too as we will finally be like a 'normal' family again with an normal income after 3 years of school and prep for school.

We are looking into getting DH a bigger NEW to us car since he has a civic and there's no way 5 kids will fit in that thing...just so we have 2 vehicles that we could fit everyone into.
Glad you are starting to feel better now! Congratulations on your DH! What kind of cars are you looking at? I would think it would be a van/SUV type thing though honestly some of those don't even hold 5 children. My inlaws biggest car will not fit all of us after this baby is born. It only sits 6 and BIL lives at home.

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
I am going to be 36 in less than 2 weeks. (eek!) So far I don't seem to be getting any extra special treatment. I think that I am "eligible" for genetic screening, but I have always rejected tests that I couldn't do anything about and would just stress over. I think that it's in my chart somewhere as my OB says, "Now is the time to do the blah blah test if you're interested."

Tomorrow will be 17 weeks. I seem to have caught my second wind this week. I've finished scraping the kitchen ceiling this week and helped DH clean up after he pulled up the kitchen tile. I've dealt with two guys quoting me how much to paint the cabinets and am having a hard time deciding between the two of them. I think way too much with my heart and can be a sucker for a starving artist.

The dust is killing me though. I've been wearing a mask, but it only filters so much.

ETA: The kicks are undeniable when I feel them now. I am still kind of in awe that there is a little person inside me.
I always reject those tests too. I learned with my first pregnancy (triplets) that with multiples they don't mean much. So it sort of makes me wonder why anyone does them period.

Ugg, I can't handle this dry air right now (counting down the hours till our rain storm tomorrow). I can't imagine dealing with dry dusty air! Glad you can feel kicks!

Originally Posted by 5lilmonkeys View Post
I don't mind at all I am high risk for Epilepsy, Asthma, prior miscarriages, preterm labor in previous pregnancies, and advanced maternal age (will be 38 when baby is born).
Oh my! That is quite a list for you! I hope everything goes okay! Technically I have preterm birth but they don't blame my body for that so much as the fact that I was carrying three. I did notice though that after the loss, they don't really mind ordering more tests on you if you request them. I also had a miscarriage (and a chemical pregnancy) but that had nothing to do with me and just with genetics.

How often do you see your peri because of your issues? Do you get "in the clear" at a certain point? For me it sounds like at 24 weeks - ish it is in the clear for me... at least till delivery. I will not know if I am keeping my uterus I don't think till then.

Originally Posted by leviandgarettsmom View Post
I'm just ama & prev. m/c. I turn 41 a month before this bean arrives. I'll have a college freshman, 3 yo preschooler, & a newborn. It doesn't really seem that strange until you spell it out. Lol
Oh you don't have that bad of spacing! My youngest sibling is 27 years younger then me. My siblings in total are 12, 25, and 27 years younger then me. But my mother only had me. I do have step brothers from her though (well from the person she married).

Originally Posted by Love4leon View Post
I am also high risk for Epilepsy and I am 38. What medication are you taking if you don't mind me asking.... I am on Keppra- they didn't allow me to breastfeed my daughter 6 years ago because it was still so new- but this time they say it will be ok!!!!
I didn't realize that you were in this group.

AFM - Okay I am tired of this dry weather!!! I know it is suppose to get to 60 tomorrow but we are suppose to be having an ice storm right now... thankfully it hasn't happened yet so DH could get to work! I am having nose bleeds all the time and because DS can't breath, it is keeping us all awake!

Then yesterday the baby decided to hide on me! I was feeling kicks all the time and yesterday, nothing! I know I have a forward placenta but this really stunk! I was even freaked out about it today and finally the baby moved and now I am feeling kicks. Ugg! I can't wait till Friday when I get to see my bean again.
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