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Milk Sheep?

I unexpectedly have myself a milk sheep. We've been milking her out morning and night and freezing the milk incase we have an orphaned lamb later (MIL always has some she usually gives us- my ewes rarely abandon their babies or die). So, my mom wants to make sheep milk cheese. She's had it and loves it. So far I'm only familiar with milk goats. So we're following the same protocol for milking and handling the milk as we would for a goat. Any one had a milk sheep or know anything that has to be done differently? She was giving two quarts a milking when she first came in milk. But then she leveled out to 1 quart a milking. She dipped a few days ago to 1/2 quart a milking but one we changed up the protein amount in her grain and gave her heated water she went back up to a quart. Well, now she's dropping again and I really want to get her back to the quart a milking mark so I can get enough milk for my mom to use. Anything else I can do? We feed our animals well but have really never tried purposely to increase milk supply mainly because we were never measuring it before. So anyone out there have a milk sheep?
So I wash the udder, and dry, and teat dip after. Then we're immediately pasturizing the milk and cooling rapidly and freezing until we get enough built up. That's what I've done with goat milk so I"m hoping sheep milk is the same.
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