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i need new fluff, help me pick stuff out!!

ok, so i'm doing a major overhaul of my diaper system. right now i have 24 fuzzi bunz (size medium) and one other pocket from a WAHM on here, love it. ok, so my fuzzi bunz are leaking at night, never any other time, but about every other night my son wakes up wet and i won't stand for it anymore! i think i'm going to sell off 12 of my fuzzi bunz (with cotton babies inserts), and get some fun new stuff! can you help me decide on what to buy? i think i'd like to spend around $100-120ish and i definitely want to get some IPF, a Berry Plush AIO, and a really good cover for night time if i use the PF at night. sooo, with that in mind what would you buy if you could spend my money? thanks!

oh and i wanted to say that i'm definitely keeping in mind the recommendations for night time systems that i got yesterday BUT now that i've decided to sell some of my FB, i want some fun stuff too!
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