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Re: Earning/Saving Extra Money ~~ March ~~ Think Spring!!

I'll join in, I think I need the motivation.

I'm a SAHM/sheep farmer (small scale for now). Everything kinda overlaps between farm and home expenses. Our current goal right now is to pay down some debt. We're considering trying for another baby at least a year from now, so it would be good to have less bills and a new baby fund for when the time comes (and hey if it never happens, we agreed it would go to paying down debt).

Last year the big one was DH paying off his student loan. This year we're working on paying off CC's and really paying down our tractor loan. So far we've managed to stem any balance increases other than automatic utility payments and DD's formula. Now we're working on decreasing the balances.

Right now I'm concentrating on our grocery budget since that seems to be where we go over constantly. I'm trying for $150/week for food and toiletries. I've started meal planning and I never really did that before. Last week I went over a bit, but there was no food wasted!

I've also been selling some of my books and Wii games on Amazon and my revenue from that went to the CC.
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