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Originally Posted by Sarah-B
How scary so young hugs mama & prayer to your DS
Thanks, it's much appreciated!

Originally Posted by ~KittyKat~
Wow, my DS did this again today actually while eating, same exact thing. He too will be 6 months old this Saturday. He has a dr appt tomorrow and I am going to ask about it then. It's happened twice now, he was fine once I lifted him up and he woke up, about 5 seconds but it feels like an eternity. Hugs Mama!!

How neat that our DS's are birthday buddies! Just hate that we're finding this out in this situation. Hopefully we both get some answers soon!

Originally Posted by abunchoflemons
I think from the sounds of it that it is the benign shaking I had not to seem unconcerned. Mine did an arm twitch thing and this is my 3rd as none of my others did this. So I kind of got overly worried I think. From gals here and the pediatrician that I had we think it is benign. ER wasn't necessary as you were able to stop it and it was a few seconds not minutes as our pedi said. Here's my thread for more words and things to think on.
I appreciate that, but the type of shaking described in that thread is different from what DS is doing. It's not like a shiver or excited shake, more of a very constant repetitive twitching/bobbing of his head. Only reason I went to the ER was because the on call pedi told me to. Otherwise I would have just made an appointment to be seen, I hate going to the ER.
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