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Re: ? about going to the hospital to have a baby when you have a toddler

I went through a similar situation, here is how it went for us and it worked great

my sil came and stayed at our house with dd while i was having logan, this way dd was with her stuff and felt at home.

as soon as i was out of labor and was okay on my own about 2 hours later LOL dh went home and got dd to bring her to see us. then dd was with dh until i got home from the hospital. they would visit us one or twice a day I had a c-section so i was there 3 days

There is no way in he&* that i would let my dd stay at my inlaws house. that isnt an option. they arent allowed to dry my children in the car either. if there is an emergency my mil can drive my car with dd in there, but that has only happened 1 time when i was rushed to the hospital at 23 weeks preggo.

I am a freak about people driving my kids and stuff though LOL

My kids will not sleep over theyre house ever though. My dads def not there though, i dont feel like there house is safe. but that is another story lol
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