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Re: Regulating baby's temp at night

I use footed pjs. I got nervous using sleep sacks once my DD could stand up (and would) in her crib and try to walk.

We do not have air conditioning in my house and since we live in New England, it gets very cold in the winter. I'd set my furnace on 65, put her in a short sleeve onsie and then the fuzzy footed pjs.

Now that it is not as cold, It is just the fuzzy footed pjs w/o the onsie. Once it gets warmer, I might switch to a short sleeve onsie AND a very thin cotton footed PJ and eventually, I'll just have her in the thin cotton footed PJ

If she is hot or cold, she'll wake you up and let you know she's unhappy. Otherwise, she's probably fine in what you have her in...

Just another note....if your child is under 1 year, be careful of overheating her. That is one of the risk factors for SIDS. You can check on her before you go to bed and if she is sweating a lot around the neck, then she is probably a bit to warm...
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