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Poop Smell GAHHHH!!!

Hi All...

My son's diapers are super smelly. They still smell like poop even after the following tricks:
Overnight soak in RNG followed by my regular hot/cold wash the next day
Overnight soak in bleach followed by a cold rinse and a hot/cold wash the next day
2 different rounds of Dawn.

I honestly don't know what to do. Every diaper he has pooped in within the last 2 weeks just reeks. I can't do a sun dry as I'm in an apartment that gets no direct sunlight at all.

I have an HE washer, so I thought maybe it's not getting enough water through it?? Maybe I should up the amounts of detergent?? Maybe try a different detergent?

My son's 1 year and eating solids. He usually has one really gross sweet potato pie consistency poop a day. I use BG 4.0's, Imse Vimse liners and a dry pail.


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