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Re: Defining EC for people who haven't heard of it.

Very interesting...

I guess I am kind of half way there. We have always had DS hang out on occasion without a diaper just to air out or if we noticed him getting red. We'd just lay him on a prefold and lay another PF on top of him (of course he'd kick it off ). So we have sat there and watched him and we pretty much know when he is about to do anything because we generally know his cues.

We have also found him very fussy about being in any kind of soiled diaper immediately. We are used to changing him within 5 minutes of a cue (especially now that he is teething). People are always telling us he will good for PT because he is so picky about soiled dipes.

I like the comments about teaching kids to sit in soiled diapers only to turn around and tell them to not do so. Just something about that strikes me as oddly contrary (go figure). No wonder babies have an issue with PT. Everything else about parenting is about consistency and we then do an about-face on this issue.

So I guess I'd be interested in doing EC. I was just concerned about the fact that he spends 8hrs M-F in daycare. I didn't think we could maintain consistency. Our DCP is a friend though and she might be willing to try to do some EC a couple times during the day. If it will still work out in some fashion then it is worth the try.

Thanks for the info!
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