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Re: Vent/Rant No, it's not twins. Yes I am sure. Thanks for playing.

I think people just feel the need to say something about your pregnancy and can't think of anything better to say. And most people just don't know what "normal" pregnancy looks like or how much variation there is.

When I was 4 or 5 months pregnant and beginning to show, I was asked if I was pregnant with twins (since I'd gotten "so big so fast") and was also asked if I was 2 months pregnant (yeah, cause most people show at 2 months) since I "was so small".

Later, most people commented that I was small (I did measure 2 weeks small most of the pregnancy), but some even implied something must be wrong. I was actually asked by a nurse if I had IUGR since my belly was "so small" at 39 weeks. I gained over 40 pounds, so no, I really wasn't that small, but I'm an average build and my DH isn't a big guy. Our DS was 6#12oz and 19.5 inches and born at 40w2d.

It didn't stop once I delivered. My mother HAS to tell EVERYONE over and over again that my DS is the smallest baby she's ever seen (and then ramble on about how huge her babies were - we were all between 8 and 9 pounds). It drives me nuts because I don't think 8 1/2 pounds is that big and I don't think 6 pounds 12 ounces is exceptionally small. There is a "normal range" after all, and both are in it. And I've been asked by 2 different people (one a stranger in the grocery store) if DS was a preemie. Holy crap people, he's not that small!

Again, people just feel the need to say something. And if they don't have something better to say, they say something stupid!
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