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Re: OK, fought with DH over toddler and TV, who is right?

what happens if DD started walking around "condom condom condom
Well what do you think would happen? absolutely nothing, you may be slightly embarrassed but nothing would actually happen.

It was a show about the history of condoms, she's 20months old & never going to remember what was on tv that day & it is never too early to start sex ed.

I think maybe, like you said, he thought you were implying he was a bad dad for having it on with her in the room. Guys, whether they admit it or not, tend to be WAY over sensative about stuff like that.
With what the op put it came out 100% that dh was a bad parent. If any of our dh's told us that, there would be a very long rant about how could dh possibly think that with everyone supporting the poster & saying "if my dh ever said that......". Anyone whose dh(or parent, sibling, grandparent, friend) said that to them would be extremely hurt & pissed. Being upset about being told you're a bad parent is not being oversensitive.

I think it's easy enough to change the channel and then the whole issue is gone, right.
It was until you mentioned why you wanted the channel changed & moreso when you said you were a good parent, meaning that DH wasn't. there was no need to make a comment like that. It was finished until you kept at it. You could have brought up things you feel are appropriate & things that aren't later after DD was asleep or just not in that moment. You could have also taken her out of the room instead of asking the channel be changed. However, IMO, there is no appropriate time to tell your partner that they're a bad parent unless they are causing a child real harm.
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