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Re: 3 kids, a mortgage, 8 years later and Happily Un-Married!!!

Originally Posted by songbird516 View Post
Yeah, I agree that being married or not doesn't guarantee happiness. Every relationship takes work. But for me, marriage isn't just a piece of paper, but represents an acknowledgement that our union is approved in God's sight. It's been a lot of work for the past 9 years, but every year our marriage gets better.
If you and your partner had problems, you'd have the same issues as other married couples who have kids and get divorced, but maybe even worse. A coworker of my husband is having problems with his "fiance" of several years. They had a baby last year together and she hasn't taken care of the poor child for more than a few hours since she was born. (I think that she may have had PPD). He has been providing for her, yet she cheats on him with other guys and goes out drinking, while living in the same house with him and their daughter. Maybe they would still be together if they were married, and maybe not. But the problems are the same no matter what.

And lol, I guess I'm out-of-place in this part of the forum; I just saw the subject and decided to respond. It just makes me sad that the marriage arrangement isn't respected as much as it used to be, by married and unmarried people.
Same here I know legally there are benefits to being married. A local woman was happily unmarried with one son. All was great they had a new house and of course a morgage. He died unexpectedly. She told me the details but I don't remember them now. Because they were not married she didn't get survivors benefits and without his income she had to go from part time to full time. To keep a roof over their heads she had to sell her home because she couldn't afford the payments all while dealing with her loss. She told me if only for the legal benifits she wishes she had married him.
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