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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Corrie, that is great that your mother is able to help out with teaching so much. We live close to my parents as well as IL's and my MIL is a teacher but only FIL and my dad are home during the day. Either one are happy to keep the boys for me if I need to do something and since I don't drive my dad will take us to appts if I need him but mostly it is just the boys and I. Sometimes my mom will take off of work to do interesting stuff with the kids and I like the local homeschool science lessons at the nature center or family zoo trips. She isn't completely sold on homeschooling but she likes spending time with the boys. My MIL loves that I homeschool but really can't do much covering for me since she is teaching herself.

Heather I enjoy reading your posts and just following along. I'm always interested in learning about different curriculums even if we won't be using them. Never know when I might decide I need to change. I have the same issue with the kids piling on me on the couch. The tiny dogs do it too.

AbbieJack, What a great break through for your DD! Sounds like things are falling into place.

Jen, yes I do read posts to other people and then I feel nosy for doing it. I can't help it though. I'm not sure where everyone is, probably busy.

AFM, we don't do school on Friday so just chores today. Tharen was not as good as Thursday, mostly having focus issues (he would walk into a room and look around like he forgot what he was looking for or just bounce around). He argued a bit more but could be redirected easily. I'm feeling confident the new meds are working but I'm frustrated with the slow weaning on process. It will take a full two weeks for him to get to a point where he is taking a pill every day. In the mean time he will continue to have good and bad days. I'm torn on whether to leave him at 1/2tsp of the other med or continue to wean him off. I need to speak to his doctor about it. If it were me I would just keep everything the same till I was on the full dose of the other med and then wean off, but this is my child and I hate having so many meds in him. It's a difficult balance.

I did want to ask for suggestions on spelling programs for older children who can't spell. Kearnan is still struggling with spelling, Tharen spells better than he does. His original programs used a more traditional method, introduce spelling words, work with them and then test on them. He never learned to spell because he can't memorize out of context. Even in context his memory doesn't work that way (but give him a song and he will remember the words forever). This year we have been using Spell By Color which teaches spelling rules instead of spelling words but so far I have not seen much improvement in his spelling ability. Is there a phenomenal program out there I haven't thought to try?
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