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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Heather~ That was me, thanks! I got the gist of the meaning (after thinking "huh?" about 100 times first lol!) but didn't know what it stood for. SO glad your BP down that's great news!!

Corrie~ How nice that your mom can help like that! Congrats on a new baby in your life How exciting. I kinda hope we start a new thread soon... maybe a new one every month. Did Jen start this thread? I forget

AbbieJack~ awesome about your dd reading!! She must be so excited to be able to read so much by herself! Which book was it? We loove Dr Seuss

Jen~ I read the parts written to other people too. The only things I skip over are some of the longer posts about curriculum, I just can't make myself focus enough to follow them sometimes. We are not unschoolers, but I also have some unschooling tendencies. We have specific thigns we make sure we get to on a consistent basis, but a huge goal of mine is to follow my kids interests, and be flexible about everything

Shannon~ I definitely understand about the meds... I know they benefit some people like a miracle, but pharms make me nervous, so I see what you're saying.
For spelling (consider we haven't "started" spelling yet) would something like this help;
I have this book and it seems interesting. Haven't looked through the whole book yet or started anything out of it, but the "whole language" approach is different from what I've seen elsewhere.

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