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Off topic but wanted to share I got upset with DH because he didn't do anything on Valentine's. He didn't forget, he wished me happy Valentine's, but did nothing to celebrate. I woke up early and made him breakfast, then invited him to lunch...he said he wouldn't have time. I hoped maybe he'd bring lunch home or something...nope, came home and ate leftovers. After lunch I texted him this Crappy Pictures post and told him to bring home chocolate, lol.

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So he came home with candy and some whiny story about having a hard time finding what he was looking for and that he wasn't gonna go to a second store :/ Gee thanks.

I was feeling annoyed and upset because I always get my hopes up at holidays/birthday and I'm always disappointed. Neither of us like cards or flowers...but that doesn't mean he can do nothing! So anyway I got mad at him that night and we talked it out. Today we went walking and window shopping, then we found me a pearl necklace to match my earrings he gave me 2 years ago. Love! And the jeweler was super nice, it was a small local store. He gave us the Valentine's sale price on the necklace and dipped my white gold wedding ring for $25 (I last had it dipped 4 years ago and it was looking worn). I got the pearls I've wanted for years and my ring looks like new and sparkles like I haven't seen in so long. Then we went to dinner with friends we haven't seen in months and it was a lot of fun.

Anyway, it was just a great day and I had a lot of fun spending time with DH and DD. We just get stuck in our mundane routines and don't go out and have fun together. Our weekends just come and go with nothing to show for it...but we committed to making plans and spending quality time together. Love!!

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