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Re: Bfn to bfp 9dpo/11dpo

oh alright...i'll dish mainly to somewhat cope with the

easter sunday all i wanted to do was stay home with my kids and make the dinner i'd bought. ive been feeling very apprehensive about the pregnancy and hubs not being excited and being afraid to tell the teen, or anyone for that matter...just makes me feel reclusive. our good friend invited us last minute to her house for an egg hunt and dinner, and hubs really wanted to go...i think mainly to get out of his head a bit and away from my hormonal crazy self...also, i knew there would be drinking and i wasn't ready to explain anything to anyone.

i conceded to go, and so we went. it was all going fairly well until i decided to help slice the potatoes on the new mandoline slicer my friend bought. i have never used one and got all cocky slicing the first potato. in less than a minute i sliced a huge piece of my right ring fingertip and nail off. it didn't hurt but it immediately started gushing blood. i have cut myself many, many times in the kitchen so im no stranger...but i knew this one was bad. and everyone was looking and it was just totally the icing on the cake.

in the bathroom, i surveyed the damage and thought to myself that it was worthy of an ER visit. i called hubs into the room w/ me and he was being less than sympathetic and actually acted annoyed with me. i was lightheaded and sweaty and felt so nauseous...anyway, the teen stayed in the bathroom with me and we were finally alone. i had been bursting at the seams to tell her for days since she and i are very close and i knew she'd be sad (she doesn't love having 4 toddler siblings) and so much is going great in her life, i just didnt know how to say it. as we sat there, i just looked up and blurted out, 'i'm pregnant!'

she immediately began to cry and then unexpectedly jumped up and ran out of the bathroom and found hubs and yelled at him and pretty much announced my pregnancy to the entire party. many people there are friends, but some weren't and only the hostess is close enough for me to feel like sharing that needless to say i was mortified. but too faint to stand up and do anything about it. it was a nightmare.

of course everyone was chill about it, but i can only imagine the stories they'll tell others about the dramarama easter my family provided them. we are usually a very happy, mellow family with your usual dose of turmoil, but this really took the cake and i was soooooo regretful i agreed to go.

so yah, there ya have it. chopped off my finger and announced my pregnany impromptu all in about 5 minutes. go me.
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