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Re: dinosaur sewing machine

Arguably, I have too many sewing machines perhaps, however today while working on custom orders I used a treadle sewing machine, an industrial electric "sew through anything" machine and two separate handcrank machines! They are all good for different things.

I like the treadle because it is very strong but goes slower than the industrial. The industrial machine makes very quick work of long straight seams, one of the handcranks is set up solely for sewing on buttons and the other handcrank was perfect for taking in the car and using on my knee to finish off some fiddly work while I waited for one of my daughters at gymnastics!

OP - do try to track down a manual for the dinosaur machine - it seems that the older the machine, the more reliable they tend to be.

Marnie - who knows people with many more sewing machines than myself, so it must be all right... LOL
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