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Re: HS Check In March 4-19

Originally Posted by 7mom7 View Post
This morning I "taught" DS1 that if you dump out 5 buckets of toys trying to find a specific toy you will then spend the next hour and a half resorting and cleaning the contents of what you dumped out...ALONE. He knows better. Our school room is also our playroom and now he's wasted the morning with this ordeal rather than the productive morning of schoolwork I had planned. Maybe it's the age he's at but he really pushing the limits lately and showing attitude. The attitude thing could be my fault because I've not had the greatest attitude towards him. I think he's almost done sorting so hopefully we can finally get some schoolwork done. I've got to get my frustration with him under control...he's just not very fun to be around at the moment. Hopefully this stage will pass soon.
yeah....we have that same lesson bout every day it makes me tired....sigh....but i guess it's part of their training.

Originally Posted by Britches~in~Stitches View Post
Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't checked in for a while .

7mom7- we've had that "lesson" a few times. Around here its often punctuated with overly dramatic cries of "but why!" Fun times.

I've spent the last two weeks complaining about being tired and unmotivated alternated with, "there's so much junk in our house, I'm going to donate it all to charity if no help clean it up!" Then I found out that we're expecting #5. That might explain a bit .

We've been doing the basics, and added in some lapbooks. This week is "the tale of Peter rabbit." Next week is "rachenkas eggs." Today we are going to go to dance then to the local farm supply for our gardening equipment. We're also planting seeds for part of our unit this week.

Does anyone know of a non-creationist based dinosaur unit study/lapbook? I can't seem to find one, and I'm too tired to keep banging my head against the wall. I'll start on it again when we get home later.
congrats!! have you tried Free Lapbooks??? google it, i think it's listed just like that. they had tons of lapbooks last i looked and most were non-creationist, i think.

Originally Posted by jen_batten View Post
Thanks ladies!! I don't know what I would do if I didn't have other hsers to rant to from time to time.

Right now I pretty much read all of Keegan's lessons to him because he is still young and it ensures that we actually accomplish something that day, lol. We tried hooked on phonics last year, I don't know if maybe he wasn't ready or if the program wasn't for him. I've considered getting it back out but haven't done it yet. Partly because our only tv is downstairs, partly because I just cannot figure out what would be best.

This is what baffles me the most. Today Keegan did fine reading. I was proud of him...he read the bible reader story which had words like mountain, smoked and people and it was fine. I do have to help him, like reminding him of special blend sounds or something, but on a great day he can do it. On a horrid day he can't do anything. I don't get it, so I don't know whether I think what we are doing is working or not.

The whole word approach...not sure how to go about that. It seems like he does remember things on sight better than by phonics, however that also causes lots of problem because then sometimes he will guess a similar word (fog instead of frog, maybe) and not even notice it was wrong. And sometimes he guesses based on context the word will be little, but he'll say small even though the spellings aren't close and keep right on reading if I don't stop him. How do you properly do a whole language approach? I also think that may be what my DH does, and we'll....he's a poor reader. But I would like to try something different because I'm convinced there's something that would click better if only I could figure out what.

I also go back and forth between "he's young, and he'll pick it up in time" to "this is not working, we've got to do something else." So basically I typed this book to say, I don't know what I even think.

We do do patching. We've been doing it for a few months and it is helping. I kind of suspect they will change his prescription for his weak eye this time because it improved quite a bit last time. He's had glasses since he was five, but his bad eye got worse during that time because the prescription for it was off. The Dr expects really good results from the patching though so I'm optimistic.

I talked to Keegan after I got through being crabby and asked if he had any ideas that he thought would help and how come he thought some days were harder than others. He didn't know or have ideas but it was a good chat and I told him we would talk to the Dr on Monday to see if he had any ideas. I'm thinking about ordering a program designed for dyslexic and seeing what that would do....the Dr has not diagnosed him but I'm pretty sure that's what's going on....I am going to see what he says Monday. I'm really hoping it won't snow US out--our road gets really nasty when it snows.

i think you are doing just fine!! my oldest DS1, who is an excellent reader now, went thru a patch when he was in K that sounds much like Keegan. There were days when he could read just about anything I put in front of him. And then other days, he couldn't sound out IT it was VERY frustrating, and I lost my temper on more than one occasion. But then, a few months later, it just all clicked. He's been a reading machine ever since. so just stick w/it. if he's frustrated, then just move on. no sense making him hate it, or you either. he'll get it

Originally Posted by 7mom7 View Post
This is really encouraging to hear. We just started patching about a week ago. I was kind of frustrated that they didn't do it last year if it would have helped him...hopefully he's still young enough that we'll see improvement.

I do think you've still got plenty of time to get your son on track. I think you should trust your instincts and get the program for dyslexic children if that's what your leaning towards. I don't want this to come across as bragging but I was always an above average reader and I think my parents did 2 things that contributed to that. 1) they read us classic nursery rhymes with a lot of alliteration and tons of Dr. Seuss 2) we read the Bible out loud as a family every single night- the real Bible, not a children's version. I was probably 6 or 7 reading one chapter a night (my sister and I alternated). I'm sure it took forever but they were patient and never rushed me. It really developed my vocabulary since we started when I was very young and I know it made me a better reader. If you have different religious beliefs obviously that wouldn't work for you but you could still make time to read classical literature out loud as a family. I just think there's something about carving out that time each day as a family and including dad in it. I'm preaching this to myself too because it's something we keep meaning to implement.
we read to our boys every single day/night without fail. sometimes we read funny books that are chock full or pictures, and sometimes we read chp books like Oliver Twist, and most of the time we read the Bible. I think it really helps all readers if they are read to. It just sets such a good example. Good advice 7mom7.
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